The fact, the majorities of Jews (either hided their Jews identification or not) and homosexual members in congress of every country special in USA congress to make violation and dispute against USA people and people entire world, paved the way many countries break downed and did analysis in many small countries in past and will cause break down USA, England, Russia, France, China and many countries entire world in future favor of Israel government that will cause third war world against people entire world.

The fact, the author of this book, Saeid Naghib cries daily for the people of the world, especially Americans, British and Russian citizen. He specially mourns the indifference of these people to the presence of Jewish (they either hide their racial or religion IDENTITY) in so many high-ranking government position and the falsehoods of religions like Christianity and Islam. All of these religions were created by Jews to use as tools to create conflicts and divisions in societies or worldwide.

The fact, it is not good to leave the situation un-document illegal immigration as it is to pave the way to stay to work illegally no tax payment same about more than 25 years un-document illegal immigration stay and work and didn’t pay tax payment that government lost more than trillions money

So, if congress don’t wanted illegal immigration leave their country to follow under program
1-No deportation either illegal immigration working or not
2-Punish more than ten thousand dollars money for any person who works as illegal against those companies either small or big to employ them
3-Inquiry the social securities every person who works for any companies to find out either they are citizen or legal or resident or not
4-Highest securities of borders to stop people who wants to pass illegal from other countries to USA
5-If is favor for USA someone to give some illegal immigration citizenship or resident or green card.

6-If USA needs for illegal immigration to give all of them green card or permission to work for while then citizenship, if illegal immigrations haven’t any problem for USA to pave the way illegal immigration to create a lot of business and job instead to send or invest their money in USA to out of USA and stop business shut down by deportation of illegal immigration, in spite the fact government to get trillions money by legalization of them and will not lose trillions money by deport them or leave them as it is.

So, deportation , it is not depend to jobless, because of deportation, USA will loses more or less 7 million jobs, in spite the fact that USA doesn’t know how many illegal immigration work to understand how many jobs will be increase by deportation of illegal immigration and how long will take to deport illegal immigration by spending of trillions money, for example if from12 million un-document illegal immigration only 2 million to create business that every business to create for example 3 jobs so, we will have 6 million jobs for USA meantime those illegal immigration to create business, to pave the way they give up their before jobs for their new business, so, USA will have total 8 million jobs, even may be each of them make more business by legalization un-document illegal immigration+ many other beneficial for people of USA and the world that illegal immigration last more than 25 years have rented and bought items to pay tax and continue to pay tax also security of USA will be guaranty, so in USA congress Boehner a Jew by his highest position in congress, how abuse from his power to make dangerous pretend to tell that illegal immigration, make violation immigration laws that the fact law makers themselves to pave the way people passed from USA borders s, to make violation immigration laws to work illegal and didn’t pass any law to make their borders on security. So Boehner a Jew how make people foolish by his speech and forget all beneficial of USA by legalization un- document illegal immigration.

So, USA hasn’t any problem from illegal immigration by follow 5 numbers subjects mention above, to pave the way illegal immigration go their countries without any problem if they leave USA many citizen can find job by request government if government arrange them job by their situation of age, psychical and physically then any of them no work, it is duty government to cut any support money against them,

The fact, Christian special USA people are simple and good people entire world

So, it is duty people of the world special Christian countries to let and support USA and other Christian countries to rule their countries to make this world same as heaven without interfere and influence Jews and without Jews got any job their governments except Israel that make this world worse than hell.

Unfortunately Jews by their propaganda sources entire world indirect and secret to introduce USA people no good that Jews are responsible almost all tragedies entire world from long centuries up now, unfortunately Jews special in congress are high and highest position and occupy congress to pass many wrong laws against USA and the world and by making a lot of false and un-true stories against USA families and else same as their generation had made in Bible and Koran and else and change the true stories to false stories even change the date of the true stories to brain washed people who accept their false histories and stories created by Jews to change the life of people in dangerous and always in during of centuries to pave the way Christians fight against each other and other Christian countries and else, for example war between Christians of Ukraine and Christian of Russia is by cooperated of Putin a Jew and prom-minister of Israel and cooperate secret by Obama a Jew president of USA and cooperate almost all Jews government entire world by many tricks and trick’s pretends same as Al QAEDA that themselves are Al Qaeda to make violation special against Christian countries and the world and steal oil and nation sources by name of Christian to make responsible USA or other Christian countries and terror right people same as Kennedys and else to make responsible other, for example if people focus this video, can find out some fact also.

For example the short video of Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel with Putin a Jew leader of Russia cooperate with Assad a Jew president of Syria against nation of Syria that Assad and Putin are Jews and servant of Israel government, not only them, also all high and highest position in every governments entire world from long centuries ago up now were and are Jews that they have paved the way people of every country and themselves became and to be servants of Jews, special Israel government now.

1. 7:09
Putin & Netanyahu Syria
o by Daniel Solis
o 6 months ago
o 786 views
Russian President Vladimir Putin, receives Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a meeting at the Bocharov Ruchei …

So the fact is not only problem of Syria by Jews, the fact all nations entire world had problem by Jews that hided their Jew identification and cooperate each other getting highest position in government entire world same president of USA Obama, Putin leader of Russia or else to pave the way people get killed millions in future will get killed billions by them.

No items found.

No items found.

It is true the banks in USA are private same as banks were in Germany before and the time of Hitler that almost are belong for Jewish people, so Jews by own and control all banks in USA to control against USA and the world, the fact the one of many tragedies against USA by Jews, is ruling banks and given loan for people for properties and else by high interested, then Jews using their tricky economics mind against people to pave the way people who take loan from banks to get bankruptcy in future by causing their properties go low price for a while, then banks taking their properties for low price or buy property belong for no Jew, then keep or sell their properties for high, so by this way to pave the way people can’t able to buy any property to live in future, then Jews to cause the price of rent go up and inflations of everything to make people and government poor and under control against people of USA and the world.



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