Images (Covert Overt Tragedies against People of the World(original)

So the fact, by conversation of Benjamin Netanyahu PRIME MINISTER with BILL MAHAR can draw a conclusion and conclude to understand that he invited Jews entire world and brain washed them to follow dangerous policy of Benjamin Netanyahu to revenge their Jew generation favor,( because of Jews were slave of Pharaoh Egypt dictator long century ago) upon against non-Jews entire world, so the fact people of entire world have to understand this fact that Benjamin Netanyahu is Pharaoh of 21th century and most dangerous evil against people entire world. He and before him by given jobs for high and highest position of every country entire world special for high and highest position of USA, England, Russia, France, China, to pave the way that all of them even that much concern to Israel government, they have to get permission first from Israel government then go toilet to solve their problem.

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It is true the banks in USA are private same as banks were in Germany before and the time of Hitler that almost are belong for Jewish people, so Jews by own and control all banks in USA to control against USA and the world, the fact the one of many tragedies against USA by Jews, is ruling banks and given loan for people for properties and else by high interested, then Jews using their tricky economics mind against people to pave the way people who take loan from banks to get bankruptcy in future by causing their properties go low price for a while, then banks taking their properties for low price or buy property belong for no Jew, then keep or sell their properties for high, so by this way to pave the way people can’t able to buy any property to live in future, then Jews to cause the price of rent go up and inflations of everything to make people and government poor and under control against people of USA and the world.



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