undermining of USA and other nations by Jewish


The fact, all countries (nations) except Israel have been undermined by Israel government and Jewish governments entire world that all of them cooperating each other against their countries and other countries entire world for favor of Israel government only, so all countries special USA have been ready to be break down or remove by Israel government and Jewish entire world because of

  1. All Jewish entire world cooperated and cooperate each other from long centuries ago up now.
  2. All non- Jewish entire world had and have wars and dispute against each other by influence of Jewish against them from long century ago up now that now the population of them are more than 7 billion that are against each other, to cause Jewish people to be unbelievable strong against other nations.
  3. All religions have created by Jewish from long century up now against non-Jewish entire world and have been brain washed by Jewish from their power and influence against other nations from long century ago up now.
  4. High and highest position and other Jewish either hide their Jewish identification or not cooperate each other occupied the government of other nations from long century ago up now have worked against other nations
  5. Jewish by their influence other nations, have gotten and have controlled almost all oil and first needs people of all nations entire world.
  6. Jewish by own many produced of foods, s factories and drinkable and beverage of USA and other nations and contamination of them to dangerous chemical, to supply against USA and other nations, to cause people to be same dead people walking by using them.
  7. Jewish by own the propaganda sources entire world, special in USA same A,B,C news and else, to report false news and hide true news and changing true news to false news and all most all programs are useless against USA people and other nations favor of Israel government, for example every news or idea that Israel government, to order against USA and other nations for A,B,C report( that except weather broad cast that sometimes also they report wrong) and Israel government by the propaganda sources, to cause USA get a lot of enemies entire world and guide USA to remove or break down in future and always report false news of Jewish and reject to report true news of non- Jewish to work against constitution of free speech according of the USA About the


First Amendment to the United States Constitution


First Amendment. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

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The Establishment Clause is a clause in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution that states that the US Congress cannot establish a state religion. rationalwiki.org

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The Free Exercise Clause is the accompanying clause with the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Wikipedia

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The First Amendment’s Freedom of the Press Clause has been extended to media including newspapers, books, plays, movies, and video games. Wikipedia

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David Camron a Jew prom-minister of England, he is against First Amendment to the United States Constitution for non-Jewish in USA and agree for Jewish in USA favor of Israel government.

  1. Jewish by occupied Holly Wood The Godfather (Marlon Brando) is PISSED OFF… VISIT- WWW.THEFORBIDDENTRUTH.NET MARLON BRANDO EXPOSES THE JEWISH CONTROL OF HOLLYWOOD AND HOW THEY USE HOLLYWOOD TO MANIPULATE THE MINDS OF THE PUBLIC THUS … and A,B.C and other propaganda sources belong Israel government in USA and other nations, to show their movie by false stories favor of Israel government against USA and other nations
  2. Jewish people by their influence in China and USA and other countries, have created war and by continue war from long time up now on covert between USA and China by Afghanistan, so Jew governments and Jewish people entire world in USA and other countries on covert by their economics and secret information of them, support Afghanistan and China favor of Israel government, to pave the way a lot of people get killed.
  3. Jewish USA Republic by insult more than 30 percent Latino in USA and more than one billion Latino entire world, to made Latino in USA not satisfy against USA people, in spite the fact that many USA population are Latino, to work different section of government and forces.

Republicans Bet That Latinos Are Idiots


  1. Most dangerous situation of USA against USA people and rest countries entire world favor of Israel government, is the securities of their Jewish USA government that almost all members of them are Jewish either hide their Jewish identification or not, for securities of them, have been spent billions money from wealth and money of people against their nation and other nations, to pave the way USA Jewish government, s servant special their high and highest Jewish position, to be safe and brave and use their powers and abuse from their power against USA people and other nations without any fear and give chance for Jewish entire world to be brave for cooperate each other and Jewish governments entire world, for undermining other nations for example Rahm Emanuel Mayor of Chicago by his acts indirect and direct and overt and covert creating a lot of violation against people, special black people in Chicago, it is impossible, to resign him by Chicago people by their many struck against him. .
  2. The fact United States hasn’t secret intelligent serves for their securities and favor. Because Jewish occupied their secret service, to reveal all the secret information of USA against USA for Israel government favor

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